“The training is an accelerator of the positive living attitude. I will use it
for the rest of my life.” - Liang Zhao, China

“I got many exiting tools that were presented in a very inspiring way”.
Gert Olsen, Denmark

“Your first session was wonderful. All my people are so geared up. The groups are working on this – asking questions and really getting into it. I have no input what so ever. Please make it your way next time as well.”
Ibrahim Amer, Egypt

“Stein, don’t change your style! Your subtle leadership makes people grow and take responsibility.”
- Allan Scott, England

“It really works in the sense that it serves as a "WAKE UP CALL" to me and reminded me to be always on the right track.” Thanks & warmest regards, Wong Sek Weng, Malaysia

“The training is already bringing results. I am facing people with a different attitude.”
- Klaas Oosterhuis, The Netherlands

“Warm thanks to our best lecturer ever!” - Hans Birger Wold, Norway

“Stein, you are the best. I really mean this. Because we have had some of the same concepts with other trainers, but only you are able to open up our minds.”
Paola Muscolin, Italy

“Dear Stein, It was a pleasure for me to spend these days with you! Thank you once again for a very professional and interesting (sometimes exciting) training!!!”
Anna Kamalutdinova, Russia

“An Eye Opening course. The method taught me to tackle clients with self confidence.” - Abdul Halid, Singapore